Mon Eighth-Graders Introduced to Career Options

Mon Eighth-Graders Introduced to Career Options

Mon eighth-graders introduced to job options

Alex Lang

Mountaineer Middle School eighth-graders Brooke Franklin and Conner Assif made a stop at March Westin Co.’s station early during their visit to the annual Monongalia County Schools Career Fair on Tuesday.

There the two were intrigued by the chance to win a small television by building the highest tower of small, wooden blocks.

They had a minute to build. The pair went back and forth between their piles of blocks and their tower, which resembled a “Jenga” tower of 2 inch by 2 inch blocks. When they finished, they had a tower 20 inches tall.

While impressive, it fell short of the 27 inches needed to qualify for the television.

Franklin said she thought it was good that the company provided a hands-on activity, instead of just passing out information.

Eighth-graders from the county’s five middle schools attended the career fair.

Dozens of local businesses and other organizations had stations and demonstrations for the middle school students as part of the fair. Various WVU units, emergency responders, health care professionals and a host of others were on hand to talk to the students about their professions.

University High School seniors Sara Mayley and Emily Sellers manned a station for the Monongalia County Technical Education Center. The two said they attend to show what they learned in their MTEC training. They said they can handle various administrative tasks around a medical office.

Sellers also noted the training through MTEC is free if the students are in high school.

Assif and Franklin said they enjoyed the career fair as it gave them a chance to learn about the options in the world. Assif said that while she wants to go to college, there is a question about what to study.

“I don’t know what I really want to do,” she said.

Assif said the event provided a chance to take a look at opportunities for a potential career.